Gentle Flow

Align is an all levels, alignment-based class aimed at increasing body awareness in the postures.  Heat is generated by holding poses and targeting major actions. Inversions are taught and modified for all levels. Beginner friendly to advanced. 

Gentle Flow is a grounding, floor-based practice where poses are held longer to allow for full-body relaxation. This facilitates the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system, giving the body a chance to heal and repair from daily, hectic life. 

Align & Flow

A flow style class rooted in alignment cues. Perfect for beginners to advanced students that want to move while connecting to the poses in their bodies. Beginner friendly.

Flow & Restore 

Wanting to both move and rest? A combination of Flow and Restore is the best of both worlds. This flow class carves out time to experience bliss in a restorative pose  or two and a long savasanna. Some experience recommended.


A Vinyasa style class that gets the heart rate up, sweat flowing and settles the mind. Inspirational, fun and challenging, all rolled into one. Some experience recommended, unless marked beginner friendly.

Gentle Restorative Flow

A floor-based, gentle, yin-inspired class that relaxes and stretches your whole body. This class starts with active, gentle stretching then moves slowly into deeper held poses, and finishing with a relaxing restorative pose.

Candlelight Restore

Candlelight Restore & Meditate

With the support of props, this gentle class helps bring your body into balance, combating the effects of chronic stress in our lives. Poses are held for 5 to 10 minutes each, allowing the restorative benefits to sink into the physical as well as mental layers of the body. Beginner friendly, all levels welcome.

Mindfulness meditation techniques are utilized to calm our busy minds, relieve stress and cultivate happiness. Restorative yoga will be followed by a meditation, combining the benefits of both practices. Beginner friendly, all levels welcome.







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